Stabilize That Shoulder

When your arm is in a stable position you are less likely to experience shoulder pain when you are…

  1. Overhead pressing in the gym
  2. Lifting your child into her high chair
  3. Taking out the trash
  4. Turning your steering wheel
  5. Walking your unruly dog on his leash.

To put your shoulder in a stable position; rotate/twist your upper arms externally and keep your upper arm close to your body. To rotate your arms externally, start with palms down,arms by your side.  Raise your arms in front of your body, then twist your arms outward so that your elbows are facing the ground. From this position you can keep your arm straight or bend it, it doesn’t matter. As long as the upper arm is rotated externally you’re good. If you tend to have shoulder pain, try using this technique and notice if your pain is reduced.


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