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To Be the Best Mom You Can Be, Take Time Out for Yourself!

Stress is an unavoidable fact of life but it needs to be managed!
Here are 5 ways to manage your stress. Some of these techniques you may have heard before, some you may have not.

1. Diet more alkaline less acidic
It’s hard to imagine how diet can effect your stress levels buts it’s true; highly acidic diet consisting of lots of sugar, meats, coffee, breads, pasta, sodas etc. can make the body’s PH overly acidic. Eating foods that alkalize the body’s PH like broccoli, watermelon, cashews, onions, egg yolks, kale and more. Not only reduce stress but is a great weight loss tool. Below is a list of both alkaline and acidic foods.

2. Meditation
You don’t have to be a Buddhist, monk or yogi in order to meditate. It can be way more practical than you think. “Get some head space” is a great meditation app. I prefer this app because Andy Pettibone, the narrator,  is not only very chill but very normal. You won’t be rolling your eyes thinking, “this is ridiculous.” It only takes 10 minutes and best of all, It works!

3. Be Mindful
Being mindful simply means being in the moment. Continuously obsessing about the past & future causes anxiety and literally makes you older (proven statement). When you are fully present, it’s impossible to stress or worry. I highly recommend the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It’s a go-to read for me when I’m feeling overwhelmed (which is often).

A simple way to bring yourself into the present is to follow the rise and fall of your breath. As you slowly inhale through your nose, notice your belly rise and as you gently exhale notice your belly fall.
You can also count your breath.  Inhale count ” 1 “exhale  “2” inhale “3” and so on. When you get to 10 start over again at 1. (this works great as a sleep aid as well)

4. Be Thankful
Start your day with gratitude. Be thankful you don’t live in a third world country. Be thankful that you have food and a roof over your head. Yes, there are some people in the world who may have it a little better than you, but there are a lot more who have it worse. I try to remember this when I want to complain that my Starbucks green tea latte isn’t hot enough… Ooohh that makes me so mad!!!

5. Yin exercise
Any slow and rhythmic movements coupled with slow rhythmic breathing can be considered Yin exercises. The intensity should be mild enough that you can do it on a full stomach and not feel sick.Yin yoga, tai chi, qui gong are all forms of yin exercise. Yin exercise rebuilds and repairs the body and calms the mind. I take a yin yoga class at the Yoga Garden in Narberth. It keeps me sane! Type A moms who are always on the go will benefit immensely from these type of exercises.

Life’s tough! Sometimes it can be overwhelming. But there are techniques, like the five above, that can slow things down and make life more manageable. These techniques take practice but the payoff is priceless!

Here are a short list of benefits that can be experienced from these techniques:
Improved Mood
Gain Clarity and Peace of Mind
Reducing Anxiety Attacks
Increased Energy
Weight Loss
Chronic Pain Relief
Improved Immune System


Chronic Mom Pain Part 1

I come across a lot of young moms who experience chronic pain, usually in the low back.

Most chronic pain is from bad movement patterns over the years. The ways we stand, sit and even sleep have significant impact on the way we feel.
One example of this is when parents are standing and holding their kid on their hip, they tend to shift their weight to that side.  This posture throws their hips out of alignment, which overtime, can cause a domino effect of pain throughout the body.
Whenever you’re standing, weather holding your child or not, follow these four steps to strengthen your core, improve your posture and prevent back pain.
1. Stand Tall 
Elongating the body minimizes joint compression related pain such as osteoarthritis of the knees and hips and herniated disks in the vertebrae.
Press your feet into the ground, lengthen your torso and reach the crown of your head to the ceiling.
2. Activate Your Core
One of the primary functions of the core is to core is to stabilize the spine and pelvis.
Pull your belly button in toward your spine and lift those pelvic floor muscles up toward your belly.
3. Squeeze Your Butt
This sets your pelvic position putting your spine into alignment.
4. Screw Your Feet Into the Ground 
Externally rotating the thighs also helps stabilize the pelvis.
Have your feet straight and hip width. With your feet “glued” to the floor twist your thighs externally so that your knees are turning away from each other.
Your body is one interconnected system. When your pelvis and spine are out of alignment it throughs the whole system out of wack. These 4 steps, done consistently over time can, can eliminate low back pain and prevent injuries in the future.