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If you want to lose weight, build muscle and look younger, maybe you should add meditation to your routine.

Does this describe your typical day?
1.Wake up groggy after a poor night’s sleep. 2.Shuffle to the kitchen rubbing your eyes, making a b-line for the coffee maker. 3. As you slowly regain consciousness from the caffeine, an anxious feeling arises while you anticipate your morning meeting. 4.Turn on the television or go online only to be bombarded with nonsense and negativity. 5.Fight with your kids to wake up, eat breakfast and get ready for school.  6.Rush out the door, get in the car, drop the kids off at school, then sit helplessly in traffic on your way to work. 7.Deal with an unappreciative boss, idiot co-workers, an increasing workload and impending deadlines. Five o’clock finally arrives and the work day’s done, BUT YOU’RE NOT! You’re frantically answering emails during the commute home. 8. By the time you pick up the kids from practice the last thing you feel like doing is cooking a healthy meal when you get home. Instead you order out or pop something in the microwave. 9. You may have a drink or two with dinner to relax after a long, stressful day. You continue checking email while your plopped on the couch “watching” your favorite show. As you’re lying in bed,  you have trouble falling asleep. Maybe you take melatonin or another sleep aid to shut your mind off. The next morning you wake up groggy and do it all over again the following day.

For many of us this is a typical day. Every number in the above paragraph is a form of stress on your system. To the body, stress is stress no matter what form it comes in. The following are all forms of stress.
How many forms are you exposed to on a daily basis?
1. Poor Sleep
2. Caffeine
3. Anxiety Over The Future
4. Violent Images on the news & negativity on Facebook
5.Fighting with your kids
6. Sitting in Traffic
7. Work Demands
8. Poor Nutrition,
9. Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

When our systems are bombarded with stress through out our day, every day, it puts us in constant “fight or flight” mode. This creates a hormonal imbalance which leads to…
1. Getting Sick More Often
2. Difficulty Losing Weight
3. Lack of Results in the Gym
4. Decreased Energy
5. Decreased Sex Drive
6. Rapid Aging
7. Anxiety
8. Premature Death

A lifestyle that includes stress management techniques like meditation,  will have a positive domino affect on your health.
1. It balances out body chemistry, shifting our system to self healing mode. This will strengthen your immune system allowing your body to fight germs so that you get sick less often.
2. Stress signals an alarm to your body that it’s under threat. One of the body’s responses to that threat is it starts to stockpile fat just in case food becomes scarce. Meditation will turn that alarm off letting your body know that the threat is gone.
3. Another benefit to meditation is that it turns on the body’s rebuild and repair system. Meditating after a hard workout will maximize the benefits of your exercise program.
4. Being in constant stress mode robs our bodies of energy making us rely on caffeine. Meditation cultivates energy so you don’t have to reach for that coffee in the middle of the day.
5. When you’re stressed out the last thing you feel like doing is having sex.  Once you balance out you nervous system with meditation you’ll feel like your old self again:)
6. Chronic stress speeds up the aging process making you look and feel older than your age.  Meditation Is scientifically proven to slow down the aging process.
7. A lot of people including my self succumb to anxiety. An immediate benefit to meditation is that anxiety is gone!
8. Constant stress is really hard on your body. It makes it work overtime all the time! The harder your body has to work the shorter it lasts, it’s that simple.

Stress is evolution’s way of keeping us out of danger. It helped our ancestors avoid being a saber tooth tiger’s lunch and helps us today in true emergencies.  Stress is natural. It’s only  a problem when it’s chronic. Modern society unfortunately is filled with chronic stress. The body is always striving to reach a balance called homeostasis and too many of us are out of balance. For most of us  meditation is a great first step to help our bodies find the balance it’s looking for.


Stabilize That Shoulder

When your arm is in a stable position you are less likely to experience shoulder pain when you are…

  1. Overhead pressing in the gym
  2. Lifting your child into her high chair
  3. Taking out the trash
  4. Turning your steering wheel
  5. Walking your unruly dog on his leash.

To put your shoulder in a stable position; rotate/twist your upper arms externally and keep your upper arm close to your body. To rotate your arms externally, start with palms down,arms by your side.  Raise your arms in front of your body, then twist your arms outward so that your elbows are facing the ground. From this position you can keep your arm straight or bend it, it doesn’t matter. As long as the upper arm is rotated externally you’re good. If you tend to have shoulder pain, try using this technique and notice if your pain is reduced.